Emotional is a continuous research art project.

Emotions and their influence on people is the main subject of Irina's art experiment. Each canvas is the result of the artist's immersion into the world of emotions.

Being the driving force of the project, the oval symbolizes the cycle of emotions and constant search for inner balance. The oval refers to the bright moments of Irina's childhood spent in the mountains of North Caucasus where water streams are gradually smoothing out sharp stones, turning them into smooth forms year by year. Similarly, we grind on our emotions. Emotions also become less vivid and more "rounded" in our memories.
While working on the canvas, it is hard for the artist to suppress the emotions she is experiencing - they are breaking out like tiny air bubbles in the water.

Emotionalia is an ongoing artistic search: the tiniest bits of emotions come together forming the molecules of joy, sadness, hate, love, disappointment and uplift. This experiment helps the artist to explore and transform her own emotions and spill them out on the canvas.

When a viewer has an opinion about an image based on their personal thoughts. Personal response depends on the viewer's thoughts and values individually. This might be sometimes in conflict with cultural values.
The painting "Love" - the first work of the project - was created while going through a rough emotional experience.
Separation from a loved one, endless loneliness near to isolation in the art residence, coupled with anxiety
and fear of loss, were embodied in this work.

Irina has always preferred bright, rich color palettes. In the Emotionalia project, bright colors seem to erupt out of the overpowering black and gather in harmonious combinations that convey the artist's condition at the time of experiencing emotions.
Open harmony and coloring demonstrate the artist's thoughtful work with color.

In Emotionalia canvases one can feel the connection of the artist to the traditional Russian art and modern painting.
The bright painterly style of the artist refers to the traditions of the Zhostovo painting and Kandinsky's works.

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